Smashing Success

A few weeks ago I was attending my IFDA (International Furnishings and Design Association) Washington Chapter board meeting, when I spotted the most remarkable necklace on a fellow member, Jeanne Blackburn.  During a bathroom break, I asked Jeanne about her most interesting piece of jewelry.  Her response both shocked and intrigued me. The necklace was made from her parent’s best china for both her sister and her.   She explained that artist and crafter, Juliet Ames, owner of The Broken Plate Pendant Company was the person who allowed her sister and her to create a timeless keepsake made out of one of her parents’ most precious possessions.   The next day I decided to google Juliet Ames (don’t you love that we can just sit down and research most anything now without having to go to the library…. love it!) and here is what I found.

Juliet Ames is based in Baltimore, MD and fashions vintage plates and family heirlooms into jewelry, coasters and other housewares.  Juliet stumbled upon her craft after completing a mosaic that repurposed all of the plates she had collected from thrift shops over the years. When the project was complete, she was left with a pile of broken plate shards that were begging for a new life. Juliet wrapped one in solder and made a pendant out of it.  People loved it and the public demand for more pendants grew. Consequently, The Broken Plate Pendant Company was born.

Juliet’s work has been featured in magazines such as Readymade, Real Simple, Smart Woman, Urbanite, Baltimore Magazine, Style and more. Broken Plate Pendants are currently in wardrobe at the Rachael Ray Show and the Food Network’s 30 Minute Meals.

I find Juliet’s work inspiring and I love the beauty and story behind each of her pieces. If you have a chipped vintage plate from your grandmother that needs a new fate, send it to Juliet and she will provide you with a piece of home décor or jewelry that will be both sentimental and conversational. Here are a few pictures to get you inspired!