What is an Arborist?

What is an arborist



What is an arborist? A tree care specialist, tree removal contractor, tree pruning specialist or arborist, is a person who is trained and licensed to perform tree removal work. Their job is to diagnose, plan, and implement tree removal, tree trimming and tree care procedures. Generally an arborist has a tree removal license, however, some states may require tree care certification or training. An arborist generally supervises other persons performing tree removal, tree trimming and tree care activities. They will also inspect any work that is being performed that needs to be inspected.

A tree removal or tree pruning professional will have the necessary training and experience in tree care. They are highly skilled in the art of tree planting, caring for, removing, trimming, and general tree care. The first step in tree care is tree planting. A tree planting professional will plant trees that will naturally grow in the area where the arborist lives. This will ensure the arborist will know exactly what plants will grow in the areas they will be working.

There are many types of tree removal and tree trimming professionals. In the Wichita, KS area, call Wind Tree Service at 316-477-2711.  Some tree removal specialists will only do tree trimming work, while others will also do tree removal on your behalf and dispose of dead trees on your behalf. In most cases, tree removal work will involve cutting down a tree to make room for a tree that is unwanted or planted elsewhere. Sometimes, tree removal work may also involve clearing a space for a new tree to be planted.

Tree pruning specialists specialize in tree pruning or tree removal. Most arborists grow fruit trees and grow plants that can be used as landscaping or flower garden products. If you have an arborist to remove your tree or prune your tree, it is called tree pruning. If you hire a tree expert to remove your tree, it is called tree removal. If you hire an arborist to cut down your tree, it is known as tree trimming.

Before hiring any arborists, you should learn as much as you can about each arborist and their previous tree removal and tree trimming experiences. You should ask questions about how many tree stump removals they have completed in the past and what the cost to the customer was. Ask if you need to pay for the services up front or do you have to pay after the tree is removed. You should also inquire as to whether the arborist will cut your tree, pick it up, transport it to your site, and plant it. Inquire about the certification and licenses of each arborist before you hire them. Many states require tree pruning and removal specialists to be certified.

Trees are a beautiful addition to any yard and the task of planting trees can be a rewarding and fun experience. However, having to deal with tree disease, pest control, tree removal, and tree trimming can be time consuming, expensive, and messy. Hiring a tree care professional who is certified in tree care and plant care can make the task of tree care less of a hassle and more of a fun adventure for you and family.