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July 11, 2010

Eye-Candy for your Bedroom!

Because the bed is often the focal point in the bedroom, the headboard you choose is critical to ensuring a visually appealing space. Unfortunately, headboards aren’t always treated as the “star-actors” they have the potential to be.  Think of the headboard as an art canvas that exudes your style and energy. The cool thing about headboards is that there are so many different kinds and there are so many options for taking every day objects and converting them into a headboard. The possibilities are truly endless!  This blog will hopefully inspire those of you with headboard headaches and shed light on how you can add some pizazz to your bedroom.

This Julian Chichester headboard is fun and flashy. Its mirrors and cutout woodwork, add spark to any bedroom decor.

This headboard from Anthropologie reminds me of a nautical steering wheel. I love the round shape - How cool!

This is the same headboard without the bedding. It shows a better view of the headboard 'undressed'.

This glitzy mirrored headboard is dramatic! I love the depth achieved through the imperfections of the mirror alignment. this headboard is ideal for a small space as the mirrors will give the appearance of depth.

Rock stars take notice! This upholstered headboard has a groovy design of studded nail heads that lines the top of both the headboard and footboard. Perhaps imagine it in a black leather? Did someone say DRAMA?

Here's a closer look at the nail head's very cool & contemporary.

How about this for a style switch-up? Yee-Haw! This company makes rustic barnwood bed frames. This one features brazilian cowhide panels!

Ok..back from cow country. Here's one for the creative types. This is a salvaged iron screen painted yellow and repurposed as a headboard. What a stunning and inexpensive headboard!

Want to create an Asian-inspired boudoir, this screen creates just the right vibe.

Here is an awesome acrylic headboard from Swedish designer, Myrica Berggvist! I love the shiny black color with her funky cut-out design. Her designs can be customized in many different colors and designs.

Here is another Myrica Berggvist headboard. Love the pop of red in this cute twin headboard.

This room is stunning with the red fabricated velvet headboard. This bed screams WOW!!!

This headboard adds drama in a different way by emphasizing the height of the room. Love the tufting...

This fabricated antique headboard is just so pretty I had to share it.

This traditional bedroom is stunning with the canopy-inspired crown headboards. The fabric adds softness and warmth, as well as heightens the space. Beautiful!

This guest bedroom is just so pretty I had to share it. Love everything about this room, especially the headboards.

The headboard of this pink bed is highlighted by the paint on the wall behind it. I love the coupling of the two. What a beautiful girl's bedroom. Wow!

This headboard adds an ethnic twist to this stunning blue bedroom.

For those of you who want to incorporate red into your bedroom, this headboard might be the perfect solution. Can you say VAVAVOOM!

How about this Martha Stewart wallpaper as headboard? Love it!

If you can't afford a fabricated headboard, why not opt for a vinyl substitute? This wall applique from Casart Coverings does the trick. Its less expensive and removable!!!

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